So You Booked A Singapore Escort Lady – Ok, Now What?

So I hear that you have made a booking with a Singapore escort lady. Now what happens after you have booked one? If you are just about to book an escort in Singapore, here are some tips for where you can meet them at.

If you are a first timer in Singapore, and are not sure where to look for these escorts instead, then make sure to read my previous post where I teach you where and how to look for escorts in Singapore.

But if you know how to book escorts because you have read up, and know where to look for them in Singapore, but are nervous about what will happen next, here is some information which will aim to assuage your nervousness! After all, we understand. Looking for social escorts can be seen as slightly taboo in a country and city like Singapore, so wanting the booking to proceed smoothly, and keeping your privacy intact is key. Nonetheless, as long as you stick to a local legally registered escort agency, you are in the OK for the most part.

Right after you have made a booking and provided your identity verification, which is standard protocol in Singapore, either through Whatsapp, Wechat, Telegram or message with the Singaporean girl or the Singapore based escort agency, what happens next is that the girl usually starts putting on her make up and preparation for her date and booking with you. If she happens to be outside and near your location, and with full make up on, then she will head over directly. This also means that if she happens to be situated further away from your location at the current moment, or needs to put on make up and dressing, then the escort girl will take longer before she starts her traveling. This is usually relatively fast, and takes at most around 20 minutes in total, even for the slower escorts.

The social escort will now then move off – most of the escorts in Singapore actually travel via cab or Grab or Gojek (which is the equivalent of Uber in Singapore), and thus due to Singapore’s relatively small geographical size, should reach your location regardless of where you are situated within 30 to 40 minutes. If you include her waiting time for the cab to pick her up, that will be roughly 10 minutes extra. In total, that is roughly 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes to arrive at your location, on a non peak hour booking. This is because Singapore’s roads are highly congested during peak hours. During peak hours, allocate and book in advance at least 2 hours in advance to be safe, and so that the escort can still reach on time.

As you can tell, for most bookings, there is a waiting time of 1 to 2 hours. In the meantime, please make sure to be at your place of residence, or wherever you designated the meeting place to be.

After the escort arrives, obviously, identify yourself so she knows you are her customer, and then she will acknowledge you. In Singapore, as privacy and reputation of the individual is very important, the girls will understand your request if you wish her to remain ‘stranger-like’ until you and her are in a private setting to keep your privacy intact. Therefore, such fundamental requests are perfectly normal, and most escorts in Singapore are accepting of it.

Keep in mind that not every escort will be able to allocate more than the original booked number of hours with her. Therefore, if you potentially have the intention of extending the booking, whether it be from 1 hour to 2 hours, or from 2 hours to 3 hours and so on and so forth, make sure to notify the agent or the girl ahead of time, so that the social escort can make sure she has buffer time for you in case of extension. This way, everyone will be kept satisfied.

Most escorts with agents will require you to notify the agent of extension in timing, but obviously nothing more than that. You can just notify him or her of the extension in timing, and then pass the girl the extra cash. This is because most agents are taking care of the security of the girls, and they will need to take action if they are unable to contact the girl after the supposed end time.