About SC And Myself

SC Construction League was founded to provide both locals and expats alike more information about maximizing your stay in Singapore! Hello everybody, my name is Thompson, and coincidentally (or not?) I happen to live in Thomson Residences, which is very near the popular and famous Macritchie Treetop Walk Trailhead.

Whether you are born a Singaporean citizen, migrated to Singapore and became a permanent resident, or are simply residing in the country as a foreigner, I believe we can all agree that there will always be a right way and a wrong way to enjoy living in a country.

A 40 year old man myself, I believe I have lived through enough in Singapore since birth to know all the quirks about SG.

Thompson Tan
Hey! That’s me. Yes yes yes, at this point in time a lot of people ask me about my ethnicity. I was born to a British & Chinese mixed father and a Filipino mother and am a true blue Singaporean and speak a lot of ‘lah’ and ‘leh’ if I want to!
wifey mrs Tan
And here’s my gorgeous wifey Mrs Tan… I am joking. She’s my coeditor of my blog and secretary at my company at my day time office business.

Whether we like it or not, Singapore is largely made up of first generation and second generation migrants, as the natural population growth rate in the country is pretty dismal thus far. Nonetheless, this exotic mix of people of all ethnicity in the city state means lots of different food, entertainment and more to cater to all parts of the demographic!

In this site, I will seek to share my knowledge about things ranging from adult nightlife entertainment, clubs and more in Singapore, to more mundane things such as dating Singaporean girls or work life balance questions in SG.

If you are in particular a new citizen, PR or migrant to Singapore, you will love my website as I share more tips and advice on how to construct the best life you can ever lead in my hometown!

If you would like to contact me for any reason, please use this form here.