Singapore Expat Dating – Living & Even Marriage In SG?

One of the more fascinating things I have noticed about Singapore is the way people go about dating. If you are an expat who wants to date in Singapore, you may feel a certain culture shock.

One common thing I have noticed among expats is that if they intend to get married and settle down in SG, they actually look for a local gal. Many of them seek a womanly Singaporean. However, despite the high popularity of Singaporean women among Caucasian men, did you know that many of the local guys are dating women of other nationalities instead? It is almost like a criss-cross. In fact, some even look for a Singapore marriage agency, many of which matchmakes people to women of other citizenships – usually that of neighbouring countries. Shocking, eh? What a criss-cross in fact.

Foreign nationality girls at bars are more open to getting picked up. In fact, many of these women hang out at Clarke Quay bars along the riverside. Though something you want to look out for, or if you are into that sort of thing, is that some of these foreign women tend to be freelance independent escorts, and are there to do business. However, there also definitely exists normal women who are not call girls. When it comes to picking up the Singaporean chicks and SG girls, they can tend to be a little more standoffish relatively. Do not be alarmed, for that is relatively normal, although if you are irresistibly charming, you can still work.

The Singaporean ladies are definitely more into long term relationships and dating if you are looking beyond the local bar pick up scene for these sexy chicks. Therefore, players would probably benefit more in the pick up scene, but everywhere else, those looking for a more long term view and relationship would probably be more suited, otherwise there will be a mis match in expectations and disappointment will set in.